Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is God real??

Somewhere up there in heaven, "Gods" are fighting to gain supreme power. And we the mortal beings, are just following our leaders leaders here on earth. But, what about people like me, who don't believe in any religion and have no God to fight for them?? Who will win this battle of ultimate supremacy?? And what after the war is over and only one God survives to reign the world?? Will there be uniformity after that?? And what about the people of other religions?? Will they be asked to convert or will they be given the death penalty?? What if people refuse to convert?? After execution, will the God accept the "souls" of other religions??

Isn't it time that we, the mortal beings ask ourselves: What, actually, do we want - a religion without a God or a God without a religion????

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