Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who am I ??

Does God really exist?!

I don't think he/she does. One reason why I don't believe in the almighty is that I fear evil. Yes, I fear evil!! After living in this world for more than 20 years, it seems rather illogical to me to say that "good" always win over the "bad". So, to keep the "devil" away from my life I don't believe in "God".

God could have created this world in any way he/she liked. So, why did he/she chose to create it this way - a confused world, where people don't know the difference between good & bad and on the grander scale between good & evil. Why did he/she gave humans the power to interpret things in it's own way?? Doesn't that create a situation of conflicting interests?! I think I'm a kind hearted, selfless being. Yet, when I see myself in a mirror' I see a completely different side of me.

Am I just another human being trying to find his place in this whole wide world??
Was I asked what I wanted before I was thrown in this world?? or am I just a by-product of two people in a pleasure state??


  1. you do definitely do have an unique prspective of looking at things and by jove! that is refreshing.

  2. I like your analysis. At one time I also wondered why such an all-powerful god still was not powerful enough to eliminate the devil. Of course, both are purely imaginary as are most things religion. You mentioned the confusion that seems to be all about us. To eliminate that problem you may wish to read my recent book "The Scientific Worldview" (www.scientificworldview.com). Some of my readers say that Buddhists have some of the same assumptions as I used in the book. BTW: In reality, things that exist have xyz dimensions and are located in space relative to other things.